Pack GPS Quest Black


Provides accurate speed and distance information with versatile real time training data


There’s nothing like it. Being out amongst nature, doing the sport you love best. Constantly searching for the perfect trail. Training for your next big event. Enjoying every moment of it. It’s what you live for. It’s what you were built for. 
The outdoors is your gym. Whether you’re training for competition or fun, you need a watch you can rely on. With Suunto Quest, you can personalize and download your programs. Monitor your heart rate, speed, distance, running cadence and laps in real time. And even share, plan, and analyze your results at All crafted in a distinctly rugged design you can wear every day. Ensuring your life in the outdoors is always on track. 
The robustly designed Suunto Quest lets you: 
__Create training program in 
__Next training reminder: duration, intensity 
__Time, date, dual time, alarm 
__Download training program to Suunto Quest 
__Upload training data to 
__Customize display and settings in 
__Stopwatch, interval timer, laps 
__Real time heart rate and heart rate zones 
__Real time speed and distance* 
__Running cadence* 
__Real time training intensity or speed guidance based on your training program 
__Water resistant to 30 m 
__Menu in 9 languages (EN, DE, ES, FI, FR, IT, NL, SV, PT) 
__Heart rate graphs and training effect in 
__Speed graphs in
__Calories burned in 
__Training diary and in depth training analysis in 
Electro-luminescent backlight. 
Product Features: 
Fitness test 
Recovery time recommendation after exercise 
Compatible with Suunto DUAL Comfortbelt (included), compatible with most gym cardio equipment and Suunto Fitness Solution 
Upload exercise data to (with included Suunto Movestick)
Download any training program from (with included Suunto Movestick)
Track speed & distance (with Foot POD (Included) , Bike POD or GPS track POD (Optional)) 
Easy to use 
9 languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish and Finnish 
User-replaceable battery. 
Interchangeable bands 
Resin case and band. compatible. 
Dimensions: For MEN 
Length:43 mm. 
Wide: 45 mm. 
Dial diameter Ø: 36 mm. 
Height: 13 mm. 
Weight: 37 g. 
Warranty: 2 years.

  • Light.
  • Alarm.
  • Stopwatch.
  • Calendar.
  • Battery: YES.
  • Resin case.
  • Resin band.
  • Water proof: 30m/100 ft.


Suunto Quest Manual

Download (1.47M)

Manual Suunto Quest

Download (1.48M)

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