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  • Automatic Watches

    Automatic watches without batteries that are powered by arm movement.

  • Radio-controlled watches

    Radio controlled clocks always keep accurate time. Forget about time changes and set off.

  • Solar powered watches

    Solar Powered Watches allowing years of use without batteries or recharging.

  • GPS Watches
    Wide range of GPS-enabled watches that allow targeted and save routes at any point on the planet. We are experts.
  • Computer connected...

    Wrist watches and computers be connected to the computer to transmit all data, synchronize and analyze specialized programs.

  • Thermo, alti,...

    Watches with thermometer, altimeter and barometer to control time on your wrist. Provide weather forecasting and measurement on his watch.

  • Watches with phonebook

    Watches with phone book to carry around the most important phone numbers without relying on the mobile.

  • Heart rate monitor

    Heart Rate Monitors and accessories for the control of heart rate and heart rate monitoring on the watch.

  • Talking Watches

    Talking watckes for blindmen.

  • Calculator watches

    Calculator watches.

  • Smartwatches