Privacy policy

The document outlined here by RELOJERIAS CENI, S.L. describes the privacy policy about: "", "" & ""

1.1 Personal Information given or colected by RELOJERIAS CENI, S.L.

RELOJERIAS CENI, S.L. colect two types of information about users: (a) Personal information: At the time of setting up an order or becoming involved in a specific promotion, the individual will provide all personal details, such as the name given on their birth certificate. (b) Navigation information: does not have any association with the personal details and is automatically retrieved when you visit the site.

1.2 Personal Information

The personal information is collected in the following ways: (a) When a user registers for an order of a product, we ask for his or her personal details, such as name, email address and eventually a profile name and a password. (b) RELOJERIAS CENI, S.L. may ask you for more personal information at any time. If you contact us, you can keep a record of this correspondence. (c) Electronic mail. Those users interested in news services can receive updates via email, which are sent daily or weekly and provide selected news, product information, advertisements and licks related to Any user of this news service who wishes to cancel this service can do so by visiting, or sending an email to

Protection of Personal Information:

Our store is located at: c/ Ponzano #4. Madrid. Spain. 28010. RELOJERIAS CENI, S.L. are responsible for the personal information files. This information is under the protection of the Spanish laws and regulations. The user affected by the data can exercise and act against the service provider responsible for the personal information files. Under established guidelines, the user can exercise his or hers rights of opposition, access, rectification and cancellation of the account if required. Personal details and the concession thereof to third parties will only be made with the permission of the user.

1.3 Navigation Information

This information is obtained automatically without any personal intervention from the user, and is not related to the personal information in any way. There is no possibility of RELOJERIAS CENI, S.L. preventing this navigation information and the transfer of cookies. Also when the user clicks on any advertising in our web pages, the advertising company can use their own cookies. RELOJERIAS CENI, S.L., is not competing with any of these companies, and is not responsible for their advertisement policies.

2. Use of information

In order to offer new products and services, Relojerias Ceni SL uses the information from their clients to improve their experience in the web site:

Relojerias Ceni SL does not rent or sell personal information about their clients or subscribers, to third parties. Relojerias Ceni S.L is not going to reveal any personal information to third parties, except when the user has provided a proper authorization. The information collected from our clients is used to create profiles summarising the goods and the services used. These profiles help to provide the traffic of patrons to web sites that later will be given to our sponsors or commercial partners, thus allowing them to improve their advertising focus. None of the information given to the sponsors or commercial partners is related to the identity or personal information of the individual users.

3. Updating Information

In our duty to uphold the protection rights of the personal information, Relojerias Ceni S.L offer to their users the opportunity to correct or update their information. This can be done by sending us an email. For more information about our privacy policy you can contact us at:

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