Wireless Weather Station

Lacrosse Technology

Time, calendar and alarm. Weather forecasting, Outdoor temperature & Humidity display and alarm. 


Time display (manual setting). 
12-hour time display (seconds displayed by pressing the SUN key)
Weekday, date and month display (year only in setting mode)
Daylight saving time (DST) function selectable
Daily alarm functionWeather forecast with weather tendency indicatorTemperature display in degree Fahrenheit (°F)
Indoor temperature display with MIN/MAX recordings
Outdoor temperature display with MIN/MAX recordings, time and date
All MIN/MAX recordings can be reset
Indoor and outdoor humidity display in RH%
Display of relative and absolute air pressure display
Relative air pressure inHg with adjustable reference value
Relative air pressure history for the past 12 hours
Display of sunrise time, sunset time and sun duration time in 193 cities
Display 8 moon phase icons with indicator throughout the year
LCD contrast settingLow battery indicators 
Table standing/wall mounting


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